Asia Investing in U.S. Companies and Real Estate

With America’s ever-slowing economy, a big boost would really help to improve the financial status of the country. If an Asian fund were to invest in different U.S. companies and its real estate, the big financial slow-down would pick up speed. It is already known that America is suffering greatly in the real estate arena, so with an Asian fund to help with the investments in that area could help to bring up the economy of the States. The percentages of foreclosures in America are higher than ever before, causing everyone to believe that the country is undergoing a recession.


Not only is the real estate market on an economic slow-down, but other major companies are also suffering. An Asian fund could help by investing in various American companies, such as banks. With all of the foreclosures occurring, banks are too suffering. People with mortgages are unable to keep up with all of their bills, causing them to go into debt and lose assets. High gas prices are soaring higher than America has ever seen and since it is a necessity, everyone has to shell out twice as much money to fill their gas tanks. Interest rates are going up on loans as well, making it even harder for Americans to pay their car and house notes on time.


With this real estate issue, an Asian fund could help to keep real estate projects building to completion. A lot of projects have been put on hold due to the loss of revenue. Even hotels are feeling the impact. Not many people are traveling these days, so their bookings are much less, making them lower their rates to all time lows. An Asian fund could greatly help the lodging industry as well as the real estate market in the U.S.


Other American companies could use investments from the Asian fund, like retailers. The only time retailers are seeing major sales are during income tax season. They are forced to put many items on sale just to bring in customers. A lot of the stores are closing down due to lack of revenue to pay for leasing spaces. With an Asian fund, America’s economy would increase greatly. Hotels, real estate, banks and retailers would be able to make enough money to stay in business. Some of these places have increased their rates to earn more money from the little bit of customers they do have. The Asian fund would help to bring these prices back down to normal.


With sovereign funds assisting the United States, a supposed rich country that is actually in major debt, it would help to pay off loans from other countries and get back on its feet. Little people realize that the economy is solely based on loans. To afford to survive, everyone has to get a loan from someone else to stay out of debt and to be able to lead a decent life. With the Asian fund investing, there would be more money to go around for everyone to thrive comfortably.


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