I Had a Huge Financial Mess on My Hands

When I found out that my partner was doing unethical things within our business, we had it out. I am not saying I am a saint, but I certainly do follow the law, and I expect anyone associated with my company to do the same. He ended up leaving the company, but he left me with a huge mess to clean up. I knew that I needed the expert help of a tax attorney for NYC residents and businesses, so I went to Selig & Associates. I knew that the circumstances looked bad, especially since I am the owner of the company, and I wanted to get ahead of the nightmare.

I was able to get an appointment for the same week that I called, and that gave me plenty of time to get the documentation that I had to take with me. I admit that I was concerned because even though I was not a willing participant, I was not sure I would be able to prove that I had nothing to do with the fraud that my former partner had committed. Thankfully, I was able to get in with the right litigators to help me out with my undeserved problems.

Proving my innocence to them was actually quite easy, because if I had been guilty, I would not be coming forward to make things right. They were able to help me with the various companies that my partner had defrauded. Two of the companies agreed to installment plans for repayment, and the third company agreed to a partial payment. The best part of all is that I did not lose any contracts with any of those three companies. That is what surprised me the most. Instead of facing possible jail time or hefty fines, these companies worked with me because my own reputation spoke for itself. I give all the credit to the tax attorneys who helped me get this mess straightened out!

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