I Hired an Outside Collection Agency

The biggest problem that my bookkeeper was having was collecting on some debt that was owed to us. I knew that this was not because of any shortcomings on her part. Having customers and clients who take without paying is just part of the business game, and I knew that I was going to have to bring out the big guns to give her a hand with this. I did a search for agencies that do professional debt collection, and then I looked at the collection agency fees on the few that I found quickly.

I was really impressed with Access Credit Management because they don’t charge any fees unless they collect the debt. This was meaningful for a couple of reasons. The first is that it would save me money. The second is that they are going to do their best to collect the debts because if they are not successful, then they are doing work for free. There is no business that can stay in operation by not collecting a paycheck themselves, so that means they are quite motivated. Since I was not getting anything, I figured a fraction of it is better than still getting nothing.

I contacted them to ask some questions, and I was pleased with all of their answers. I decided to let them handle a group of clients who had been very resistant in paying their debt to me, and I was once again impressed when they were able to collect on 90 percent of them. I am fairly confident that they will collect on more too. They now have all of our debt collection business, and our bottom line is looking better than ever because of it. The are professional yet firm, which is what is needed in this kind of business, and it is obviously a good strategy for them too.

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